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A Grand Ship A Grand Ship

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Kinda funny..

Art/Animation: 6/10
I really liked that paper texture. It gave it that indie feel that many animations on here have.
The animation itself was pretty good...Decent FBF and stuff..Nothing amazing, but it was good enough..
The art sorta let you down though..A lot of it was rough around the edges. I think it would have been better if you had added black outlines to everything.

Plot/Concept: 5/10
Not a bad little joke, but slightly clich├ęd and predictable. Also, it was nice to have the subtitles, but if you're gonna do them, at least spell everything right..Generally, it was alright, but you wrote Lincon Park, whereas it should be Linkin Park, who are awesome by the way :D

Audio/Music: 8/10
The sound quality was quite good, and the voices were great, lots of emotion in it and stuff...The accents weren't very piratey though, and since it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day", they probably should have been...

Overall: 6/10
Not terrible, but not good enough to be a good story, or have excellent animation.

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Chibi Theatre 1 Chibi Theatre 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Didn't really work..

Art/Animation: 3/10
There wasn't anything here that was any good. The characters were pretty simple and boring. The fire effect wasn't bad, but it didn't loop properly. Sometimes, the subtitles went by too quickly to read fully.

Plot/Concept: 3/10
I didn't find it funny, to be honest..The build up was too slow and boring, and the punchline just wasn't funny enough to even it out.

Sound/Music: 4/10
The music was alright, but didn't add much to the flash..When the third guy came in, the music stopped for a bit too long before the second track came on.
Some voice actors would have been nice too.

Overall: 3/10
It wasn't funny, nor well animated. Nothing appealed to me..

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PikaRobo responds:

Well even though I do understand what you mean and I will try to listen to most of your advice keep in mind this IS the first Flash I ever made, so it is no surprise why it is so low in quality. Hopefully the next one improved a little, as it is a LITTLE bit closer to what I want it to be. And maybe future episodes will meet standards.

Thank you Josh McDaniels Thank you Josh McDaniels

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Art/Animation: 3/10
There really wasn't any, whatsoever, except for the occasional change in the face..Which was kinda interesting, but nothing special. Also, the watermark sometimes distracted me from the subtitles.

Plot/Concept: 4/10
I know nothing about American Football, so it could have been excellent, or really bad...It seemed quite good, but nothing special. Maybe you just need to make something appeal to a wider audience, as this perhaps appeals to maybe 5% of the NG population.

Audio/Music: 3/10
Some voice acting would have spiced it up a bit. Also, the music didn't really fit the story..

Overall: 3/10
Nothing too special, really. Needs a lot of improvement.

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Recent Game Reviews

Pizza City Pizza City

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pixels <3

Art/Animation: 7/10
I really like pixel art, and this is some good stuff. Maybe a bit more detail in the close-ups would have been nice. The animation is a bit jerky though.

Concept/Gameplay: 7/10
The idea isn't really very original, but at least it's not a mouse maze or a dress-up game :P The handling on the first car is insanely bad, but I suppose that's just made to make you keep playing and upgrade your car.

I liked the character of the bum or whatever he was. What a swell guy :)

To be honest though, I preferred the GTA option, just running around getting caught by the cops. Kinda fun :D

Music/Audio: 9/10
Somehow the song never got boring, and worked perfectly with the tone of the game and the art. The sound effects were also really nice too :)

Overall: 8/10
Good game, but nothing that special.

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Kingdoms Kingdoms

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too easy to pick up..

Art/Animation: 6/10
The art was pretty good, although the hexagons would have been nice with a bit of texture. There wasn't much animation really..That would have been nice.

Concept/Gameplay: 6/10
I think the main problem was that there wasn't good enough descriptions..It was kinda difficult to pick up...All these things kept on happening to no apparent reason..Maybe I'm just a bit slow :P

Whilst it isn't a very original game, it's not on the internet as much as you'd think, so good job with that...

Audio/Music: 8/10
The music, although good, kinda stopped after a bit, and the only way to start them again was to turn music off, then on again..The sound effects were excellent though..

Overall: 6/10
Good game, but a bit hard to pick up..Well, not for me, anyway :P

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Clock maze game 09 Clock maze game 09

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Needs a lot of work.

Art/Animation: 2/10
The colours were pretty dull, and a few of the gradients you used looked really generic and horrible. Try to draw everything in one continuous line when you're drawing a line or something, otherwise it looks messy and poor. A lot to improve on here.

Plot/Concept: 2/10
Maze games are the most unoriginal concept on Newgrounds, except maybe Dress-Up games. There was nothing in this one that made it stand out. Some of the levels were kinda clever, but nothing a quick right-click or tab didn't reveal instantly. Try to turn off the Tab button at least. I think there might be a few tutorials in AS: Main.

It also looked as if you were trying to include humour into this. Unfortunately, you didn't really pull it off, and it wasn't funny.

Music/Audio: 1/10
Well, there was none. However, I suppose that's better than something reaklly annoying, so you get one point for that. However, it would have been improved with a small bit of nice music wouldn't have gone amiss.

Overall: 2/10
You seem to have a vague understanding of flash, but your next submissions will need to be a massive improvement.

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Recent Audio Reviews

Adagio For Strings Cover Adagio For Strings Cover

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

100th Audio Review :D

Well, you posted in the RRC saying that you wanted lower, fairer scores in the reviews, so I'll try and point out everything I didn't like...

First off, the first few bars of piano lasted maybe one bar too long, you could have brought in that extra bit of melody a bit quicker.

I like how you kept the piano still audible when you brought in that techno beat, that was nice..

The main problem I had with this track was that all the time it felt like it was building up to a main song, and I felt like I had finally hit it at 1:50, but with only 30 seconds left it had to start to wind down again straight away. Maybe if you had made the song longer and had more of a full song, because it just feels like you've got the beginning and end, but you're missing the crucial end.

Had I been kind, I would have given you a 9, like everyone else, but I think 7 is more apt, if I'm comparing it to the rest of the songs on NG. Even then, to be honest, 7 is a little generous, but since this is my 100th and possibly final Audio Review, I feel like being a tiny bit generous.

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GronmonSE responds:

A 6 would have been fantastic and still too generous. This is my latest track, and yet, I excluded it from a 6-song portfolio I gave to my music teacher yesterday. I'm not proud of this song, there are -a lot- of things wrong with it and it's still too short of course. So really, I don't mind the 7 and it does seem too generous.

The main problem with the song does seem to be its anti-climatic nature indeed. It's too short but that's because, like most of the my other songs, I never finish it.

Congrats on your 100th review and possibly final review, it's an honor to be the one getting it.

Thank you.

I am Sad I am Sad

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too funny.

The vocals, as you're probably aware of, are pretty horrible. There's way too much static on them, and it's just really generic and computer generated...Still, I suppose it's no surprise that Microsoft Sam wants to die, being forced to say whatever anyone wants..

The music itself isn't too bad, but not actually sad whatsoever..

It just feels like a joke, but not really funny...

Try again, methinks.

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Scrototype responds:

It's only funny to me because it's based off of something that happened to me recently during a fire alarm at my school. You probably won't think that's funny either depending on your views about the things involved, but here it goes anyway; a MENTALLY CHALLENGED MALE kept screaming about how he wanted to die, and the person in charge of him was laughing which made me laugh. Yeah, that's pretty much it. It's not supposed to be sad AT all, it's not supposed to mix well with the music because it's not actually supposed to BE sad. The music is like the teacher's point of view and the voice is the dude's point of view.

(FMC) -=Edge of the Unive (FMC) -=Edge of the Unive

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice :D

I usually don't like trance much at all, but this song is really easy and nice to listen to.

The melody is nice, and never gets boring or repetitive. The beat carries it expertly too.

It kinda reminds me, especcialy the start, of some intro to some series of tutorials on the internet for some reason...Or maybe the news...Either way, it's professional quality music that would well suited for the media in some way.

Can't wait to hear more from you! :D

[Review Request Club]

FunkmasterCatking responds:

Wow, thanks!

I kind of understand what you mean about associating it with some type of tutorial, it does kind of give off that feel if you think about it.

Thanks for the review!

Recent Art Reviews

TriFlame TriFlame

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Before reading your comments, I was thinking of fireworks too..If only real-life fireworks were as spectacular.

The colours, as has now become standard with your pieces, are captivating.

Again, the detail, composition, symettry, and pretty much everything else is purely amazing.

I would love to be able to say something bad about it, but words escape me. Top notch work.

Also, we need to get you scouted! The Art Portal system doesn't work :(

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EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :D

After any earlier disagreement over colour, I am always very glad when you like the ones I pick. Makes me smile. ^.^

Chaotic Space Chaotic Space

Rated 5 / 5 stars


As you probably know, I often try to pick each and every problem with your art out, but, unfortunately today, I can find not one single mistake.

The colours, one of my biggest complaints in previous works of yours, is absolutely perfect.

If that's not enough, the detail is amazing, with a sort of jellyfish effect at some points adding a whole new dimension to it.

If I was forced to find a single fault, I would say that the name doesn't quite reflect the piece.."Chaotic" is often something artists put at the beginning of a title just as an excuse for their bad art.."Oh,'s not bad perspective, it's CHAOTIC :S" This piece needs no excuses whatsoever. I feel it's less chaotic and more majestic and exquisite..As you said, it also has a deep sea feel to it.

Please, for the sake of mankind, make it into a wallpaper (1920x1200 please :D)

[Review Request Club]

EchoRun responds:

Thank you. :)

The name got changed on other sites - Crystallised Space instead after it got pointed out that it looks like cracked ice or crystal.

And a wallpaper was made. :)

Colourful Joy Colourful Joy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too complex.

Whilst it is fairly simple, I think there's still a bit too much detail.

The swirly red thing isn't necessary, and even if you thought it was, it would be better if it was central. The random white vignette on the edges are completely pointless too. If it my piece of art, I would just have that colourful background thing, maybe given a bit more structure with masks (as in, on Flash, not the costume kind)

The image size is a bit much too..The full size is far too big to view properly (and I have a very big screen), and the NG size is too small to see all the detail properly. Try to find a balance between the two.

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